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Convert Your Website Into A Website That Converts

When was the last time you took a break from building traffic to your internet site to consider whether or not your website is worth the effort?

Or do you spend so much time "improving" your internet site that you never have time to advertise it? Yet there are many beautiful looking websites that do a poor job of converting traffic into customers.

It should be obvious that you need to strike a balance between the time you take working on your site to raise its conversion rate, and the time you dedicate to traffic building activities.

So let's look at how you can convert your website into a website that converts visitors into customers. If you are launching a new website to promote your products or services, make sure you look into constructing a internet site that is an effective platform for your products.

To get your website off to a good start you will want to avoid these common mistakes:

1. Don't make it look like a sales website.

2. Avoid posting too many banner ads.

3. Don't bore the visitor with impersonal language that is full of pseudo-professional jargon.

4. Avoid long sentences.

5. Avoid long paragraphs.

6. Don't hide behind your website. Let people know who you are. Post a photograph of yourself and make sure you are smiling and looking straight out of the photo.

7. Don't confuse or distract your visitors with too many options and links.

8. Don't try and force your visitors to sit through an introductory movie presentation.

If you want to achieve a higher conversion rate here are some of the things you will need to think about.

* People scan web pages much more than they read them. Don't fight this trend, but work with it to help your visitors navigate your page as you intend.

* Use a strong headline to draw people into your article.

* Use bullet points and numbered lists to enhance the scanning process.

* Use short and simple sentences.

* Talk directly to your visitors in a conversational style. Imagine you are chatting to your friends, not writing an academic paper.

* Use contractions such as "don't" and "won't".

* Write product reviews rather than sales letters.

* Use the "you" word.

* Make your keywords stand out in bold font to help your readers scan for gist.

* Use subheadings to split up your copy into manageable, scannable portions.

* Use a large font.

* Space everything out.

* Post an opt-in form above the fold and offer your visitors a bribe (such as a free report) to fill it in.

If you follow these few tips you will be way ahead of most of your competition when it comes to setting up a website that will convert visitors into customers and subscribers.

For more information about how to start a home business and get a Recession Proof Business with Internet Work from Home Ideas and Opportunities available at where you will find a wide range of tried and tested ideas including a daily newsletter and a free 325 page e-book.
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Custom Google Map Editor - build custom maps easily An easy to use Google mapping builder to make your own Google Maps for adding to your own website, no any coding required.

Use this online Google Map builder to create personalized, annotated, customized maps for businesses, parks, schools, real estate and more.
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